Friday Feature Update:
Introducing Last Minute Discounts

By Lina Eroh

Do you often have tours leaving with empty seats? If so, you're losing money--and most likely you know it.

Until now there was no way for tour operators in New Zealand to sell last minute seats at a discount without relying on expensive marketplaces. Well guess what?

WanderLabs now lets you discount at the last minute!

Go ahead. Clap. Jump. Scream.

WanderLabs Last Minute Discounts

We're pretty excited, too!

Building this feature was tough work, but now that it's live, we can't wait to hear what you have to say. So no more excuses for empty seats. Go ahead and log in to your system to play around with the new feature.

You can add a last minute discount right from your dashboard. Simply pick which tour you'd like to discount, click the "+" sign, and put in the new price.

WanderLabs Add Last Minute Discount

It's that easy, and the new price shows up on your website immediately. How cool is that?

WanderLabs Last Minute Discount Tour Operator Website

Of course, last minute discounts won't really help if people don't know your tours are on sale.

That's why you should use the following tools to share your discounts:

With the WanderLabs last minute discount feature, you're in control over your inventory, your prices, and your sales.

Get started with WanderLabs today. It's the most innovative tour operator software out there, and we're just getting started!

Happy wandering!