Friday Feature Update:
Discount Codes Now Live!

By Lina Eroh

Ask and you shall receive. That’s sort of our motto around here. Unless you ask us for a flight to the moon. In that case…

One of the number one requests we’ve received, especially as the low season in adventure tourism has hit New Zealand, is the ability to add discount codes.

We’re happy to announce that discount codes are now live for all of our clients!

To enter one, simply go into your Manage tab, click on the bright red Discounts icon, and get cracking.

Add WanderLabs Discount Code

You can add a fixed amount or percent discount code to one or all of your tours and specify the date range you’d like that code to work. Once you hit save, a discount code box will immediately appear on the checkout page on your website. How cool is that?

Discount Code

The next step is letting people know that you have some extra savings for them. So hit your social media and local newsletters hard and let them know that your awesome activity is now even more affordable.

And if you don't have WanderLabs yet, well, you're missing out. Sign up now and get started with the most innovative reservation system out there, designed specifically for tour and activity operators.

Happy wandering!